This blog is meant to document my and my wife’s journey through outdoor activities, exploration journeys and training.

In my mid 20’s I met my current wife, an event that will shape the outcome of my life but also my passions and interests towards sports, adventures and nature. Well, I met her far earlier since we lived in the same city, but at that time we had not known that destiny will lead us to be together in this epic adventure called life.

Since she was a heck of an athlete in her younger days the natural attraction she had for sports, translated to me, a more ore less inactive guy at that time. We started going for MTB tours in weekends go for a hike, go snowboarding in the wintertime and pushed every time a little bit further.

It soon grew on me and I was more and more willing to sacrifice going out in the city, for nature and sports since it led to a more sustainable well being.

The first big adventure was several years back when we first decided to do the Camino Frances pilgrimage road in Spain by mountain bike. I will document this journey in more detail.

Another part of this blog is dedicated to training since I soon realised what an attraction I had for being on the move and trying to improve my self, mentally and physically. This epic road led me to some of the incredible adventures of my life.

Also a big part our life is the volunteering activity because we believe that we were fortunate enough to have people around us that led us to this way of life and we would like to also make a difference and help others discover the beauty of sport, nature and adventures.