Pandemic lock down journal of a runner:

The pandemic lock down didn’t hurt me professionally, I was already working from home. My social engagements where already turned down to a minimum. But not going to be able to run petrified me. I need it so bad I used to train with an sprained ankle or a broken rib.

I saw the graphics curb, I understand the science behind the reasons so I back up the social distancing policy. I think actions like this are meant to protect not only me but specially the more vulnerable, but how on earth am I endangering any body by running alone in the woods. For me this is the depression antidote, because for those not affected by other issues, this will be the biggest challenge. I mean, even convicts are allowed a daily sport activity. It would not involve running to the woods obviously, but they get to spend some time outside.

I track my activity on Strava and sometimes put some pictures on Facebook. But now I would not do this. 

I fell like a hypocrite since I do it but can not promote it, since it is forbidden. The truth is if everybody would be doing it , the woods would be so crowded, that it would no longer be social distancing complaint.

So I run under the social radar and greet all the people I meet , in the woods with a condescending yet guilty voice.